Staying Busy

I have spent some time this morning working on the set-up of the blog.  I finally did the “About” page so that it wasn’t showing just my generic bio from Google and I added some Category Pages so that when I post from my phone (which is how I usually post since my time at an actual computer is limited most of the time), posts will automatically show up where I want them to go.

I connected Networked Blogs, too, although I really don’t know if anyone still uses that or not (I’ve been out of the blogging loop for too long).

I also followed a few more bloggers because I love seeing what others are doing and it gives me something to read when I have a little time on my hands.

This weekend, I’m going to be working on starting to put together a cookbook for myself.  I hope to eventually share of the recipes on the blog, but for now, I’m gathering for my own personal use.

I also have plans to start work on my BOS.  Both my personal hand-written cookbook and BOS were in a storage building we lost when a job my husband had last year suddenly cut hours and it was a struggle to keep a roof and food and we had to cut all extra expenses while almost 2 hours away from where our building was.  It was unfortunate and those two items are two of many I sorely miss.  So, starting over is the only option available to me.

These things are keeping me busy, and I’m glad for it.  Having too much idle time on my hands is a bad thing indeed!

This morning has been a flurry of activity already and I’m not done.  Tiger hasn’t even gotten up yet and I feel like I’ve already lived an entire day!

Ok, it’s time for this witch to head off into the rest of her day!  I hear a sausage biscuit calling my name!


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