This weekend has been about prep and planning. Although it will probably be sometime after the holidays before we really kick things up a notch with the Etsy store, I decided to do what I could to prep for it.

Yesterday, I discussed things with my sister and with my hubby and I decided a bit of rebranding was in order to keep things flowing and cut down on confusion (at least future confusion).

The blog has been gaining speed lately, which really makes me smile. Even though there’s not much there to look at yet, and we haven’t gotten an order, the Etsy store has had more views this month already than last month.

Like most bloggers who also craft, I plan to occasionally promote the store here and since it’s a big part of my life right now, I’ll be talking about it a lot, too.

One thing I’ve noticed in blogging lately though, is how everyone seems to have different names in different places. Honestly, it confuses the crap out of me and I never know if I’m looking at the same person’s work or not. I didn’t want that to happen here.

I don’t like feeling like I’m constantly switching identities for different things. It creates confusion for me and I’m bound to mess it up somehow. I decided I’d rather just have the one identity everywhere, and have everyone else have one identity, too.

I want the blog, Etsy store, twitter -everything- to carry over from one place to the other.

Now, a little back-story on Wickedly Evil Kreations.

WEK began as Wicked Vape, a Vape company my sister and I were building. We were unable to get a physical store-front, which is pretty necessary for that kind of business, and because of that, we decided to help out a brand new Vape store in our area and let that business go.

Honestly, we’re a family of crafters anyway.

I’d had an Etsy account set up for quite a while under Fae Kreations. I was making dream catchers and such and wanted to start an online store. I had too much going on back then to give it the love it deserved, so it sat empty and unused for a while. When we decided to let WV go, I talked to my hubby and sister about the Etsy store.

We’d gone through a lot of planning with WV and it seemed a shame to waste it. We decided to run with it. I renamed the store Wickedly Evil Kreations in honor of my sister and I joining forces to do it.

My sister and I (I was calling her Tiger here, but for the sake of that confusion I mentioned before, I’ll be calling her either The Evil Queen or EQ from now on) are really into the show Once Upon a Time. We, along with our husbands, identified with certain characters in the show. It was the inspiration for a lot of what we were doing with WV. Part of that was for each of us to take on names from the show for the business.

I identified with the Wicked Witch, my sister with the Evil Queen, my husband with The Dark One and her husband with Robinhood. Those were the names we took on for ourselves.

If you look on the Etsy store at who is listed there as crafters, you’ll see all of us.

Now, I’m bringing those names here, too.

When we really start rolling out products next year (it’s just too close to the holidays to get it together now), you’ll see a Once Upon Time/Disney them emerge in a lot of products. We call it our “Fantasy Line”.

So, now you’ll understand what’s going on around here, why names are changing, and who everyone is.

Hope you’re all having a wonderful weekend!



Sunday Dump ~ Finding my way

This weekend, Draco is working again and so am I, but not in the way you might think.

This weekend, for me, is about self-awareness and self-improvement. Making a plan as the Mercury Retrograde disrupts ideas, concepts and behaviors that are no longer useful.

I’m finding the energy of this retrograde feels a little different. Samhain shifts me into my time of self-reflection. The retrograde energies make me aware of what’s not working. This all leads to feeling a need for some pampering, contemplation and, of course, writing.

As I watch summer fade into fall, I watch the colors burst and then die as if giving us one last hurrah. I feel the need to reflect this in my own life.

As Samhain approaches, I’m ready for my one last hurrah before winter sinks it’s icy grip on the world, stalling changes until after the Spring Equinox.

In spite of the retrograde energies, my spirit longs for that burst of change to prepare me for winter. Perhaps it’s these last-ditch changes that makes the winter more bearable.

I find as I deepen my connection with Hestia, my concept of the seasons, and life reflecting those seasons, is becoming more and more important to me.

It makes sense from a Domestic Witch perspective (working with the fruits and energies of the season is a big deal in the life of one who celebrates the Wheel with food, drink and decorations), but it’s more than that.

I’ve always loved and respected nature (Mother Nature). I’ve always felt connected to the earth, the energies of where I live, the changing of the seasons.

It’s been a hardship in my life to love nature so much and to be allergic to nearly everything about spring and summer. I find ways to reflect those energies in my home (open windows with screens until it’s too hot, fresh flowers, fresh fruits and vegetables from local farmers, etc), but most Pagans will tell you, you can’t touch nature physically from inside the house. Still, I get by.

This year feels more intense, a change I can only credit to a deepening relationship with, and understanding of, deity.

I can feel Hestia moving even further into my life and changing even more about my life. The changes are good, but they’re leaving me feeling a little lost at what to do with myself. A feeling that I’m hoping will change.

As for right now, I’m just doing the best I can, trusting in her to lead me where I’m supposed to go.

Do you go through cycles that reflect the seasons in your life?


Samhain Ghost Stories ~ Living in a Haunted House 1

Many years ago, my mother and step-father rented a house. Witchlet and I spent the night with them once, sleeping on a pallet in the living room. They had already told me of strange happenings in the house, and I had a few experiences that night, but nothing overly spectacular (noises mostly…the covers got pulled off us once but in a playful way).

When they moved out, Draco and I moved in. It really was a nice house.

It didn’t take us long to realize that the activity was either much more severe than they’d let on, or it got worse when we moved in.

It started with what they’d talked about. Noises coming from the kitchen, like someone was in there bumping around going about their business, when no one was in there. The pantry door would not stay closed even if you propped something against it, things like that. It was all pretty mild. For a while.

I think it was about two months after we moved in when things really started happening.

I awoke in the middle of the night, at 2:30 am on the dot. I generally slept with my back to the door, curled up to Draco. This night, and the few nights that followed, were no different, although I continued to come fully awake at 2:30 am for no apparent reason.

Several days into this pattern, I awoke, again at 2:30 am, but this time, I’d turned over sometime in the night and was facing the door.

As I opened my eyes, I was looking straight into the hall, and saw a woman in a white gown walking quickly past the door headed towards the kitchen.

Convinced there was an intruder in the house, I woke Draco and together we checked the entire house, every door and window. There was no sign that anyone had been in the house other than us.

I continued waking at 2:30 am, this time, deliberately going to sleep facing the door, and every time I awoke, I saw the same woman walk past our door. Every time, I got up and went after her only to discover an empty kitchen and quiet house.

About 4 months after we moved in, I was raking leaves in the yard when I saw our neighbor across the street, an older man about the age of my parents, watching me. He looked indecisive in some way I can’t describe, so I raised my hand in greeting. He slowly, almost reluctantly it seemed, walked across the street to where I was.

He seemed uncomfortable as he introduced himself, asking the usual questions new neighbors will ask, making small talk. I could tell something was on his mind, but I decided to let the situation play out and let him get to it in his own time, figuring he had some sort of neighborly complaint or perhaps wanted to borrow something.

He soon steered the conversation in the direction he was headed, asking how we liked living there, had we known the previous tenets because there was more than a passing resemblance between my mother, daughter and myself. I said I did and that it was my parents and little brother.

He said he’d been real surprised that they’d lived there as long as they had and that someone they knew had moved in after them.

“Folks don’t usually stay long in that house anymore”, he said, “used to be a real nice house. My best friend and his wife raised their family there, but of course, they’re long gone now. Nobody’s lived there long since except you and your folks. I’ve heard tell of some strange things going on over there. You noticed anything out of the ordinary?”

I admitted that I had, in fact, noticed some things and asked him what he knew.

He said that things were fine there, as far as he knew, for a long time. Nothing strange, that he’d ever heard, happened until right before his friend passed away. That was when the strange things started.

He said his friend had never been a drinker, not in all the years he’d known him, but he got up one night to get something to drink and noticed the light on in the garage. This was unusual. It was the middle of the night and his friend had never been up that late before. Worried someone had broken into their garage, he came over to check it out and found his friend with a bottle of whiskey, acting strange. Talking strange. He said his friend was going on about something he’d put up in the house and couldn’t find and when he suggested maybe he should go on to bed and sleep it off, his friend got mad and practically ran him off.

Apparently,  according to my neighbor, they’d been friends a long time and never had a hard word between them in all those years. He went home confused and more than a little hurt, intending to give him a few days to cool off and then going to talk to him.

A few nights later, he said, he woke up to sirens and the flicker of flames in the kitchen window.

He said he found out later from his friends wife, that he’d been acting very strange, going on and on about something he couldn’t find. He claimed to have hidden something in the kitchen pantry and was convinced it’d been taken by someone.

They were an older couple, his wife feared his mind was going. There was nothing, that she knew of, ever hidden in the pantry, but he became obsessed about it, going through every drawer, every cabinet, in search of it. He would never say what it was.

The man was taken to the hospital that night, still raving, and died a few days later. The wife followed shortly behind her husband.

According to my neighbor’s account of the wife’s story, the night of the fire, she’d been sleep in their room. The house had been remodeled after their passing and the master bedroom had been the room at the end of the hall. Our room, had actually been two smaller bedrooms. The adjoining wall had been removed and one of the doors closed off.

She’d awaken to noises in the kitchen and had hurried down the hall to see what was going on. Her husband had been in a state, tearing the kitchen apart as flames flickered in the sink threatening to catch the curtains and wall on fire. She’d called 911 but couldn’t calm her husband. Because of his agitated state and the fact that he’d started a fire, police and paramedics agreed to take him to the hospital for observation. He never came home.

The wife was overcome with guilt that she’d let them take him and that he’d died.

Other tenants had claimed to hear noises in the kitchen, complained of the pantry door refusing to stay shut and seeing a woman in a white nightgown hurrying down the hall at 2:30 am exactly, the time of the fire.

It was thought that the noises and her spirit was what is considered a residual haunting, where a particular event plays over and over like it’s on loop. These events are usually believed to have been tragic or traumatic in some way and have left an “energy imprint” on a place.

I believe that what I witnessed each night was simply a wife trying to save the man she loved from himself, hoping each time, for a different outcome.

As far as I know, the house still stands, activity continues and the landlord still finds it hard to keep tenants for very long. Last I heard, my family was the longest tenants he’s had.

While the story of the husband and wife was certainly the most frequent activity in the house, it was not the only activity we experienced while we lived there. I

I will tell other stories of this house and other haunted houses we’ve lived in (we seem to be attracted to haunted houses…or they’re attracted to us…), as well as some I’ve heard, throughout October. I’ve never written down my paranormal experiences before, so this is something new. I’ll tag them as Ghost Stories for those interested in reading them all.

Wishing you all a spooky Samhain Season.


Magickal Housekeeping ~ Removing Negativity

The last two days, I’ve found myself handling “the season” for family. I’d already reinforced my protective wards for where we live, and today, I found myself doing the same for a family member along with a sweeping and a few days ago I had to give long-distance info to the kids on sageing their home because something is waking the grandbaby in the middle of the night. We can’t be having that.

My family is full of sensitives. It seems we all can either see, hear or feel spirits. It also feels like the spirits know this, like we send out a beacon or something, and it’s always worse in October.

For getting rid of negative/unwanted energies, I’ve seen almost as many methods as Pagans who do it. Keep in mind, I follow no particular path anymore except my own. I don’t do elaborate spells. Witchcraft runs in my family but the two generations before me were Christian, so I’ve had no training other than reading. I usually just do what feels “right”.

For the kids, they asked about using sage. They don’t have a car and there are no occult stores near their house, so getting a proper “bundle” is out. I told them my quick fix. Ground sage from the grocery store and a charcoal briquette. Simple and cheap.

As for the sweeping, it’s exactly what it sounds like, and something I do daily at home. I sweep with the intent of sweeping out negative energy.

Magick doesn’t have to be complicated if you don’t want it to be. Just apply a little common sense, intent and imagination!


Which Witch Blog-Hop


The links are starting to go up for the Witch Witch Blog-Hop over at my friend, Saxton-Corner’s blog, Way of Wytch. I promised I’d participate, and even said I wanted to write a new post because I knew some of my ideas on the topic had already changed, I just didn’t realize how much was going to change before I could get it written.

In truth, this about the 5th time I’ve re-written this post because my views are changing so rapidly.

It’s hard to call yourself out publicly, but when I wrote my initial post on this topic, it was in defense of a friend. There were a lot of emotions tied up in what I said and I admit it could have been a little better thought out.

To be honest, now probably isn’t the best time for me to be writing this post because of being in the middle of all these drastic changes in my own spirituality, but I’m a Witch of my word, so here I am. I’m just going to do the best I can with it, lol.

Over the course of the last week, I’ve run into a number of people addressing aspects of this topic and I’ve come to see that at least some of the controversy seems to be about people who are solitaires and call themselves Wiccan Witches and the Traditional British Wiccans who are members of, and initiated by, a Coven.

I used to consider myself a solitary Wiccan. My path began 20 years ago with a book by Scott Cunningham. There were no Covens in my area, so I self-dedicated and went from there, considering myself a Solitary Wiccan Witch. I did not know anything about Traditional British anything back then and still don’t really know much about it now other than it is a path that you must be initiated into by a Coven to follow. I did not learn Traditional Wicca or Witchcraft.

What I do know, is that 20 years ago in the deep southern Bible-Belt, there was very little information on paganism at all other than (American? Not really sure how to specify the difference on that one) Wicca. I wouldn’t realize until several years later that there were so many paths.

Wicca, as I learned it from reading Cunningham, and paganism, were synonymous for me. Call it ignorance or lack of available resources, it was what it was.

I’ve come to realize that I’m not Wiccan, although I think there’s a lot to be learned from that path, and not just because I wasn’t initiated by a Coven.

My path has evolved many times in 20 years, and it is continuing to evolve. It’s not always a comfortable process, and this is becoming the most drastic spiritual shift I’ve experienced since leaving Christianity and embracing the Pagan path.

I used to think that what people called themselves was unimportant. With all this in-fighting about what people can/should call themselves I’ve had to revisit and reevaluate that idea.

So, what do I think it takes to be Wiccan? Well, by the original definition and intent, as I’ve come to understand it, I think to be Wiccan in the sense it was created in, that you should belong to, and have been initiated by, a Wiccan Coven.

Do I think you can practice the concept and spirit of Wicca as a solitary practitioner? Absolutely. I’ve come to feel that it’s really a matter of the difference in practicing Wicca as a religion verses practicing it as a form of spirituality.

As far as being a Witch, of any path, is concerned, I do feel that you must practice Witchcraft in some form to be a Witch. I don’t believe you must be in a Coven to be one.

Personally, my spell-work is very limited. I do consider myself a Witch because even though my focus is on domestic Magick, I still deal with, and utilize, energy.

What most would consider actual spell-casting, is generally limited to simple candle Magick. I use color, herb and scent associations and that’s usually it.

I perform most of my “work” in my everyday life with cooking, cleaning and petitioning my deities and spirits for aide. “Formal” or “Ritual” Magick just doesn’t get used much in what I do because what I do works for me and I generally don’t see a need for anything more complicated.

As I’ve already said, this became a much more complicated post to write than I thought it would be. My thoughts and feelings are still changing. I know the second half of the hop is supposed to be what you’ve learned and how your thoughts may have changed and it sounds like I skipped ahead to the second part but it’s only because this hop seems to have caught me at an awkward moment in my own path and I had to work with where I was.

I’m sorry if my thoughts seem disjointed. Apparently I’m still learning.


Admin note

A fellow blogger is promoting some of their wares in their Etsy shop to help fund their upcoming move (donations also accepted on the fundraising page on their blog). Help out if you can, even if it’s only increasing visibility by reblogging or linking. Being in a tight situation myself, I haven’t been able to purchase any of the beautiful jewelry for sale, but it’s well worth talking a look!


All I had to do was ask…

Finances have been topping the list of “things we’d rather ignore” in the Lair, as of late. There have been mixed rumors about how long Draco’s overtime would last and the holidays are coming. The company will be closed 2 days for Thanksgiving and since Draco is currently a temp, he won’t get paid for them. Needless to say, it’s had me a little concerned.

This morning, out of the blue, Tiger calls me. Looks like we’re back in business. I’m so excited I can’t see straight.

Honestly, it couldn’t have come at a better time for us.

It takes so much worry off my mind as well as giving me something to do. Between this and the Etsy store, I might find myself working damn-near full-time, but doing things I enjoy rather than punching a clock.

Also, it gives me an excuse to spend more time with Tiger, who I have seriously missed since we moved out. Sounds like a win-win to me.

I’m not sure how much of an effect this will all have on my recent plans for blogging, if any, but I do still have a house to run in addition to any work I do as well as having time for myself, my hubby, my spiritual path and just general down-time. I suppose that part I will just have to play by ear.

As for now, I have to go do dinner prep because I have to pick up Draco in an hour.

All in all, I can seriously see Hestia moving through my life, helping me bring security to my home…and all I had to do was ask…