Ice Cube Binding Spell

An easy and interesting method of binding. As always when binding, keep in mind that any spell, if not done properly and with focus, can backfire, even if you intended no actual harm to the person. A backfired binding can bind the person(s) or qualities to you so I always leave it as a last resort. ~ WW

Ayslyn's Corner

Binding SpellRaise your hand if you’ve ever needed to just stop the negativity, judgement or unfair pressure coming off other people from effecting you. I would say that’s just about everyone at one point or another. People get stressed. People get irritated. People get mad. Under normal circumstances, time and good communication can usually clear up any tension, but normal circumstances are not always… well, the norm. There are times that call for a little witchy intervention.

This is a super easy and very effective binding spell. It can be used to bind something within yourself or bind others from influencing you negatively. This is not one of those “boomerang” spells where you reflect back at someone and thereby only magnify the negative energy; this one quite literally puts those who are causing you distress on ice.

Before you begin, you need to determine who or what you are binding, and…

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Magical Floor Sweeps

Here are some great tips for household magick. I sweep with intention everyday. How do you magically care for your home?

The Hedge Witch


Brooms have been a symbol of witchcraft for centuries. There are many magical uses of the broom. Sweep from east to west rids a home of negativity. Sweeping in a clockwise position around you creates a powerful protection circle. And then of course there are floor sweeps. Basically, what you do is take about a quarter cup of mixed herbs for your desired purpose and mix with either baking soda for cleansing, banishing or hex breaking or cornstarch/ corn meal for prosperity. Then you sprinkle the mixture around your home and if possible leave it over night. Then starting at your front door sweep towards the center of your home if you are trying to draw something to you. For this you may dispose of the sweep in a respectful way like burying it by your front door or adding it to your compost pile. If you are trying to…

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Celebrating the New Moon – August 2014

A wonderful post on celebrating the New Moon. How do you celebrate?

Nature is Sacred

Ancient people’s considered the Moon to be a deity. For the Romans, she was the goddess Luna, while for the Norse and Anglo Saxons, he was the god Mani or Mona. Today is the New Moon. There are eight phases in the lunar cycle – from the new moon to the full moon and back again. The moon is very important for life on earth – especially for controlling the tides (natures recycling plan).

In ancient times, many cultures planned their calendars by the moon and there are still farming communities today who plant according to it. The metonic cycle of 19 years is the time it takes for the lunar and solar calendars to come together in sync and that might be why 19 years is mentioned in Druidry.

I think the best times to celebrate the lunar cycle are at the full moon and the new moon. The…

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