Sunday Dump ~ Finding my way

This weekend, Draco is working again and so am I, but not in the way you might think.

This weekend, for me, is about self-awareness and self-improvement. Making a plan as the Mercury Retrograde disrupts ideas, concepts and behaviors that are no longer useful.

I’m finding the energy of this retrograde feels a little different. Samhain shifts me into my time of self-reflection. The retrograde energies make me aware of what’s not working. This all leads to feeling a need for some pampering, contemplation and, of course, writing.

As I watch summer fade into fall, I watch the colors burst and then die as if giving us one last hurrah. I feel the need to reflect this in my own life.

As Samhain approaches, I’m ready for my one last hurrah before winter sinks it’s icy grip on the world, stalling changes until after the Spring Equinox.

In spite of the retrograde energies, my spirit longs for that burst of change to prepare me for winter. Perhaps it’s these last-ditch changes that makes the winter more bearable.

I find as I deepen my connection with Hestia, my concept of the seasons, and life reflecting those seasons, is becoming more and more important to me.

It makes sense from a Domestic Witch perspective (working with the fruits and energies of the season is a big deal in the life of one who celebrates the Wheel with food, drink and decorations), but it’s more than that.

I’ve always loved and respected nature (Mother Nature). I’ve always felt connected to the earth, the energies of where I live, the changing of the seasons.

It’s been a hardship in my life to love nature so much and to be allergic to nearly everything about spring and summer. I find ways to reflect those energies in my home (open windows with screens until it’s too hot, fresh flowers, fresh fruits and vegetables from local farmers, etc), but most Pagans will tell you, you can’t touch nature physically from inside the house. Still, I get by.

This year feels more intense, a change I can only credit to a deepening relationship with, and understanding of, deity.

I can feel Hestia moving even further into my life and changing even more about my life. The changes are good, but they’re leaving me feeling a little lost at what to do with myself. A feeling that I’m hoping will change.

As for right now, I’m just doing the best I can, trusting in her to lead me where I’m supposed to go.

Do you go through cycles that reflect the seasons in your life?



Taking a moment ~ Sunday Dump

Well, at least I can say I don’t feel as “out of whack” as I did a week ago. Not that life hasn’t been eventful. Quite the opposite.

I think I’m finally seeing the other side of the spiritual shift I mentioned before. For those who didn’t read my post on being passed around by deities, I basically got handed off from Hecate to Hestia this week.

Don’t fret, it really is a positive thing, although I think I may have panicked for a second.

This new connection is turning out to be a good match. My life holds enough similarities to Hestia to give us things in common, but she also embodies some traits that I don’t possess, but wish I did.

I haven’t quite figured out what vibe our relationship is going to take on (if it’s going to be more friends, teacher/student, Deity/Follower or parent/child…although I doubt the last one and suspect a combination of the first two).

As with any new relationship, I’m taking it slow. I feel that I’ve learned about all I can about her via resources. The rest, I will have to learn directly from her.

There isn’t much out there, that I could find, about working with Hestia directly, so I’m pretty much flying blind at this point (please, if you have worked with Hestia and have any information/advice/pointers to offer, I’m all “ears”).

My other relationships seem to be mostly working themselves out now, too. My spiritual stability obviously has a direct effect on the relationships in my life. I’d come to assume as much but this last shift seemed to prove it.

As for right now, I feel like I’m just trying to catch my breath.


Sunday Dump ~ Sorting Things Out

This week has been a little crazy. My four-legged baby has been under the weather for over two weeks and is just now starting to feel better. Back at the first of the week, I thought for a few days that I’d caught her cold but it turned out to be mostly bad allergies (I have chronic rhinitis and it’s worse than usual this year).

I recently mentioned issues with some relationships, and one got pretty bad for a minute, but after a little work, things seem to be improving, but it took up a good bit of my head-space this week.

This weekend, Draco thought he was going to have to work, so we canceled a trip to see the kids, but he ended up being off. We decided to spend the weekend letting him recover from all the working he’s been doing and we’ve mostly laid around the house relaxing and reconnecting.

The upcoming holidays have me a little worried. There are rumors that the overtime may be about to end at Draco’s job for a while. He’s been working four 10 hour days and two 8 hour days nearly every week. I’ll be glad to have him home more, but rent where we currently are is a bit expensive and I’m worried about having extra money to buy gifts and contribute to dinners.

I haven’t had as much time for blogging or groups as I would have liked this week. Draco and I have spent some time talking about his rededication to his path and it’s taken up a little more of my time than I thought it would.

This coming week, I’m going to try to start working out my daily routines again. I don’t know if it’s the Pisces in me, or just my nature, but life seems to run more smoothly when I have routines. When I don’t have them in place, I end up feeling like I’m running in circles and not accomplishing anything.

Speaking of routines, today is cleaning day, so I better get to it. I want to be done in time to spend some time snuggling with my hunny after dinner.

Hope you all had a wonderful week and if you’re curious about the Sunday Dump, you can find a post explaining it here.


Sunday Dump~ Boundaries

Everybody needs boundaries. They’re not always easy to define and they’re often even harder to enforce, but everyone needs them.

Boundaries protect us from others, as well as ourselves.

Recently, I’ve watched several people struggle with them. Just last night, someone I know personally crossed one of mine and I felt obligated to reinforce those boundaries.

It’s everywhere though, and the internet in general -Facebook in particular- seems to be a place where it’s lost often.

People sometimes cross their own boundaries and you can almost feel the uncomfortable nature of it. These are the people who generally feel as if life has wronged them in some way.

It’s been my experience that people who intentionally cross their own boundaries often offer an explanation for their actions.

Someone I vaguely know is like that. They will practically say “I knew this is probably wrong, but I’m doing it anyway because my life has been hard and it’s not fair” or “people have treated me this way, so I feel justified in doing this”.

My thoughts is, if you feel you have to explain it or justify it, you probably shouldn’t be doing it.

To me, boundaries and ethics often walk hand in hand. While I realize that not everyone has the same ethics, I do believe everyone has their own and that you should honor your personal ethics. If you feel you are truly doing nothing wrong, then why do you feel obligated to explain yourself?

I believe that boundaries are healthy. Everyone should have limits to their personal behavior and also to how they allow the world to treat them but we have to temper our reactions to fit our personal ethics. As the old saying goes, two wrongs doesn’t make it right.

Growing up, having and enforcing boundaries was an issue for me. I was raised by a firm hand in a “do what you’re told, you don’t have a choice” environment. I think because of that, having boundaries now is even more important to me.

My boundaries define my personal space and my place in my world.  Enforcing them can often be hard for me but since the death of my mother, I’m getting better at it.

Do you enforce your boundaries?

This post is part of my Sunday Dump project where I pick a topic and write, unedited. These posts may seem jumbled at times but that is due to the lack of editing. If you’d like to learn more about the Sunday Dump, you can find a post here explaining it.

Sunday Dump ~ What it is

Back in the day, when I had a different blog and fancied myself a “Mom Blogger”, I participated in a weekly Blog Hop called SOC Sunday, or Stream of Consciousness Sunday. This hop was hosted by a mom blogger I greatly admired named Fadra Nally. She still blogs over here. If you like mom blogs, go check her out.

I have since fallen out of the mom blog niche and consider myself more of either a pagan blogger or lifestyle blogger. The circles I travel in now are quite different than they were then.

As I was making the transition from one niche to the other, I noticed my Sunday interactions were dropping. A lot of the bloggers who participated in the hop were obviously Christian, which didn’t bother me, but it did seem to effect their willingness to comment on my blog, so I stopped doing it.

The thing is, I still think the concept is fabulous.

The original idea was to set a timer for, I think it was 15 minutes, and just write whatever came to mind. No editing, no spell check. Just write it and hit publish.

I watched this concept grow into what felt like therapy for many bloggers. People wrote about their kids, their jobs, their relationships, their hopes, dreams and fears. Everything you can think of. You could see some bloggers come to life in that 15 minutes when everyone let their guard down.

Honestly, that one blog hop, and
a handful of amazing bloggers were the only things I really missed about being a mom blogger.

So, I’ve decided I’m going to start doing something similar here. I wanted to give Fadra her due credit for being the origin of this idea (at least she was the only blogger I knew at the time who was doing it), and this post represents that.

For me, I’m going to change up the rules a little since I won’t be linking in to Fadra’s hop (I think she still does it) anymore. I’m going to call it the Sunday Dump since I don’t want to step on anyone’s “intellectual property” toes, and the first one will be posted tomorrow. I’m also removing the timer since I struggled with feeling like I didn’t always finish my train of thought.

Fadra, that I know of, never really picked a topic and I think I’m going to try to do that.

I’m not going to call it a hop, at least, not until I see if there is an interest in doing it from anyone else. If there is, then I might make a button or something for it and go from there.

For now, if you’d like to participate, pick your own topic (or get inspired from mine), write, unfiltered and unedited and hit publish then put a link to the post in the comments section along with any feedback you’d like to offer on mine. I promise I’ll come read it and comment on it.

All I ask is that if you do decide to link up, make sure you visit other blogs that have also linked up, if any, and show them some love so that everyone gets some traffic from it and to give me a link-back somewhere in your post.

I’m going to make a tag tab for my Sunday Dump posts at the top of the page so they’ll be easy to find, including this one.

If you do decide to participate, I hope you come to enjoy and benefit from it as much as I do.