Sunday Dump ~ Finding my way

This weekend, Draco is working again and so am I, but not in the way you might think.

This weekend, for me, is about self-awareness and self-improvement. Making a plan as the Mercury Retrograde disrupts ideas, concepts and behaviors that are no longer useful.

I’m finding the energy of this retrograde feels a little different. Samhain shifts me into my time of self-reflection. The retrograde energies make me aware of what’s not working. This all leads to feeling a need for some pampering, contemplation and, of course, writing.

As I watch summer fade into fall, I watch the colors burst and then die as if giving us one last hurrah. I feel the need to reflect this in my own life.

As Samhain approaches, I’m ready for my one last hurrah before winter sinks it’s icy grip on the world, stalling changes until after the Spring Equinox.

In spite of the retrograde energies, my spirit longs for that burst of change to prepare me for winter. Perhaps it’s these last-ditch changes that makes the winter more bearable.

I find as I deepen my connection with Hestia, my concept of the seasons, and life reflecting those seasons, is becoming more and more important to me.

It makes sense from a Domestic Witch perspective (working with the fruits and energies of the season is a big deal in the life of one who celebrates the Wheel with food, drink and decorations), but it’s more than that.

I’ve always loved and respected nature (Mother Nature). I’ve always felt connected to the earth, the energies of where I live, the changing of the seasons.

It’s been a hardship in my life to love nature so much and to be allergic to nearly everything about spring and summer. I find ways to reflect those energies in my home (open windows with screens until it’s too hot, fresh flowers, fresh fruits and vegetables from local farmers, etc), but most Pagans will tell you, you can’t touch nature physically from inside the house. Still, I get by.

This year feels more intense, a change I can only credit to a deepening relationship with, and understanding of, deity.

I can feel Hestia moving even further into my life and changing even more about my life. The changes are good, but they’re leaving me feeling a little lost at what to do with myself. A feeling that I’m hoping will change.

As for right now, I’m just doing the best I can, trusting in her to lead me where I’m supposed to go.

Do you go through cycles that reflect the seasons in your life?




  1. This Mercury Retrograde is especially good for easing those thoughts and ideas that are no longer useful to us. So the fact that you’re having a little spring clean (in autumn, lol) of ideas is a really good thing. I always use this time of year to prepare for the winter months. Meditation and contemplation is definitely key, especially with a retrograde Mercury. It sounds like you’ve been really channelling Hestia and welcoming the new energies, so I’m really pleased for you. Like you say, everything’s a cycle, trust in change. )o(


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