This weekend has been about prep and planning. Although it will probably be sometime after the holidays before we really kick things up a notch with the Etsy store, I decided to do what I could to prep for it.

Yesterday, I discussed things with my sister and with my hubby and I decided a bit of rebranding was in order to keep things flowing and cut down on confusion (at least future confusion).

The blog has been gaining speed lately, which really makes me smile. Even though there’s not much there to look at yet, and we haven’t gotten an order, the Etsy store has had more views this month already than last month.

Like most bloggers who also craft, I plan to occasionally promote the store here and since it’s a big part of my life right now, I’ll be talking about it a lot, too.

One thing I’ve noticed in blogging lately though, is how everyone seems to have different names in different places. Honestly, it confuses the crap out of me and I never know if I’m looking at the same person’s work or not. I didn’t want that to happen here.

I don’t like feeling like I’m constantly switching identities for different things. It creates confusion for me and I’m bound to mess it up somehow. I decided I’d rather just have the one identity everywhere, and have everyone else have one identity, too.

I want the blog, Etsy store, twitter -everything- to carry over from one place to the other.

Now, a little back-story on Wickedly Evil Kreations.

WEK began as Wicked Vape, a Vape company my sister and I were building. We were unable to get a physical store-front, which is pretty necessary for that kind of business, and because of that, we decided to help out a brand new Vape store in our area and let that business go.

Honestly, we’re a family of crafters anyway.

I’d had an Etsy account set up for quite a while under Fae Kreations. I was making dream catchers and such and wanted to start an online store. I had too much going on back then to give it the love it deserved, so it sat empty and unused for a while. When we decided to let WV go, I talked to my hubby and sister about the Etsy store.

We’d gone through a lot of planning with WV and it seemed a shame to waste it. We decided to run with it. I renamed the store Wickedly Evil Kreations in honor of my sister and I joining forces to do it.

My sister and I (I was calling her Tiger here, but for the sake of that confusion I mentioned before, I’ll be calling her either The Evil Queen or EQ from now on) are really into the show Once Upon a Time. We, along with our husbands, identified with certain characters in the show. It was the inspiration for a lot of what we were doing with WV. Part of that was for each of us to take on names from the show for the business.

I identified with the Wicked Witch, my sister with the Evil Queen, my husband with The Dark One and her husband with Robinhood. Those were the names we took on for ourselves.

If you look on the Etsy store at who is listed there as crafters, you’ll see all of us.

Now, I’m bringing those names here, too.

When we really start rolling out products next year (it’s just too close to the holidays to get it together now), you’ll see a Once Upon Time/Disney them emerge in a lot of products. We call it our “Fantasy Line”.

So, now you’ll understand what’s going on around here, why names are changing, and who everyone is.

Hope you’re all having a wonderful weekend!



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