Magickal Housekeeping ~ Removing Negativity

The last two days, I’ve found myself handling “the season” for family. I’d already reinforced my protective wards for where we live, and today, I found myself doing the same for a family member along with a sweeping and a few days ago I had to give long-distance info to the kids on sageing their home because something is waking the grandbaby in the middle of the night. We can’t be having that.

My family is full of sensitives. It seems we all can either see, hear or feel spirits. It also feels like the spirits know this, like we send out a beacon or something, and it’s always worse in October.

For getting rid of negative/unwanted energies, I’ve seen almost as many methods as Pagans who do it. Keep in mind, I follow no particular path anymore except my own. I don’t do elaborate spells. Witchcraft runs in my family but the two generations before me were Christian, so I’ve had no training other than reading. I usually just do what feels “right”.

For the kids, they asked about using sage. They don’t have a car and there are no occult stores near their house, so getting a proper “bundle” is out. I told them my quick fix. Ground sage from the grocery store and a charcoal briquette. Simple and cheap.

As for the sweeping, it’s exactly what it sounds like, and something I do daily at home. I sweep with the intent of sweeping out negative energy.

Magick doesn’t have to be complicated if you don’t want it to be. Just apply a little common sense, intent and imagination!




  1. Ànother herb I use for cleansing is Mugwort. I find it works quite well and is very versatile, steeped in hot water it makes a great floor wash! The added bonus, it grows in abundance off one plant in my garden. White Sage tends to be quite pricey here in Australia, and I like to keep it for actual ritual cleansing.


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