Taking a moment ~ Sunday Dump

Well, at least I can say I don’t feel as “out of whack” as I did a week ago. Not that life hasn’t been eventful. Quite the opposite.

I think I’m finally seeing the other side of the spiritual shift I mentioned before. For those who didn’t read my post on being passed around by deities, I basically got handed off from Hecate to Hestia this week.

Don’t fret, it really is a positive thing, although I think I may have panicked for a second.

This new connection is turning out to be a good match. My life holds enough similarities to Hestia to give us things in common, but she also embodies some traits that I don’t possess, but wish I did.

I haven’t quite figured out what vibe our relationship is going to take on (if it’s going to be more friends, teacher/student, Deity/Follower or parent/child…although I doubt the last one and suspect a combination of the first two).

As with any new relationship, I’m taking it slow. I feel that I’ve learned about all I can about her via resources. The rest, I will have to learn directly from her.

There isn’t much out there, that I could find, about working with Hestia directly, so I’m pretty much flying blind at this point (please, if you have worked with Hestia and have any information/advice/pointers to offer, I’m all “ears”).

My other relationships seem to be mostly working themselves out now, too. My spiritual stability obviously has a direct effect on the relationships in my life. I’d come to assume as much but this last shift seemed to prove it.

As for right now, I feel like I’m just trying to catch my breath.




  1. The only info I can find on Hestia, other than the home and hearth and gentle nature I mentioned before, is the sacred flame symbol, along with the circle. She is a Fire Goddess, and her Roman counterpart is Vesta. In fact, the eternal flame used in the Olympics was to honour Hestia. Maybe a circle of candles for a meditation on her could bring you some more details that will be especially personal for you. I’ll keep looking/asking around though, and let you know if I find any more 🙂


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