Blog Response ~ Using the Bible

Last week and over the weekend, I watched a series on The Witches of the Moon YouTube Channel about Pagans using the Bible in Witchcraft.

The responses, as expected, have been mostly that very few of them do but I think it’s an interesting topic and one worth adding my 2 cents on.

I, like so many other Pagans, was raised Christian. Old-school Church of God, specifically. I was raised in an environment of fire and brimstoneand speaking in tongues.

I have strong roots in Christianity, but I also have had a number of negative experiences.

Now, I’m not saying that all churches, or all pastors, are negative, but I am saying that my experience as a Christian was a negative one.

While watching these videos this weekend, I did hear of a few Witches that use, or can see a possible use for, the Bible, specifically the book of Psalms.

I have no issue with Witches that choose to use the Bible in their practice. I’m very much a “to each their own” kind of person about pretty much everything, but from a personal perspective, I don’t use it in my practice.

I thought it was interesting to hear some of the different views from Pagans on this topic and I applaud Witches of the Moon for approaching such a sensitive subject.

I also applaud the Witches who attempted to tackle this subject with tact and an open mind.

The conversation continues this week on the subject of the use of Angles in Paganism, which I feel certain I will have a BR (Blog Response) for next week.

I’m also considering a related topic of my own that I may start writing about soon that has come up in my day-to-day life multiple times recently.

Do you use the Bible in your practice?




  1. I came across small piles of sawdust placed in a large circular arrangement in an area of Jersey that has a five thousand year old dolmen. I have been looking for a meaning for this, as they were clearly placed there recently and are of similar size. Can you help me shed any light on this. Is it significant to any practice? Thanks 🙂


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