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Saturday, I stumbled across a blog I hadn’t read before while perusing my G+ timeline. The blog is called Witchy Witterings by AcanthaRayne OakMoon and the post I read was on To Know, To Will, To Dare, To Keep Silent. This post is my Blog Response since I felt my thoughts were too much to simply leave in a comment. If you haven’t read her post, go read it now. I’ll wait…

Welcome back!

Overall, I completely agree with what AcanthaRayne says in her post.

The Wiccan faith is where my Pagan roots come from and I believe there is so much to be learned from this path and I find that most of my spiritual ethics still have a Wiccan flavor to them.

I won’t break down every section of her post because what I would say on much of it would mirror hers, but I did have some lingering thoughts on it, especially on “To Keep Silent”.

When I first learned “To Keep Silent”, I basically took it to mean not to “out” another Witch. While I still believe this to be a big no-no, over the years my idea of the meaning of this statement has expanded.

I’m very open about what I believe. I’m what you would call “out of the broom closet”, but it wasn’t always that way.

There was a time in my life, when Witchlet was young, that I chose to keep my path more secret. There were a few that knew, but I hid it from many.

It wasn’t that I was ashamed, I never have been, but I saw it as protecting my daughter from the prejudice and judgments of living in the South in the Bible-Belt. “To Keep Silent” was a very large part of my life back then in that it meant to keep silent about my path.

The Wheel has spun more than a few times since then and while I am now very open about being Pagan, there are certain aspects of it that I find myself still holding close to the vest.

I will discuss much, but my actual workings, I find myself reluctant to talk about.

Personally, I believe that the energy and thoughts focused on workings effects the outcome. I feel that by discussing my workings, I’m leaving them open to the energy of those who know about it.

I feel that, at least in my own life, this is where “to be silent” really comes into play now.

As the internet picks up speed, I’m seeing even the concept of “solitary practitioner” change from what it meant 20 years ago.

When I first came to paganism, living in the Bible-Belt meant practically no Witchy shops (there still are very few) and the only other Pagans I knew were as new to it (or newer) as I was.

Not everyone had computers and AOL ruled the world. There was no Google search, nowhere to look up information, as there is now.

Now there are even Cyber-Covens.
Out of curiosity, I joined one that seemed pretty laid-back on Facebook (before I decided to leave) to see what it was all about. I’m absolutely a “tech-Witch”, so the idea of an online Coven intrigued me.

I loved the concept but found myself unable to participate in their scheduled spells and rituals, where you were supposed to attempt to tap into the energy of the group.

After giving my reluctance some thought, I realized it wasn’t the spell or ritual I was uncomfortable with, but the concept of tapping into the energies of people I didn’t know on a personal level. Doing it independently was fine.

This leads back to my thoughts on “To Keep Silent” and the exposure of my workings to other people’s energies. I’ve always heard that if even one person has negative energy, that it can effect the working for everyone.

I put a lot of myself into my workings. My energy, my knowledge and my will, all fuel my ability to dare to walk that line between the worlds. My silence protects my workings.

Now, I don’t have a problem with Witches sharing knowledge. Posting basic spells that have worked in the past is great. I love that the internet has become a place for old crones like me to find others to have a sense of community. I’ve gotten a lot of helpful tips and learned much from other Witches but when it comes to my current workings, I prefer to “Keep Silent” until my working is done.

To me, there is a vulnerability to your workings, and to the energies you work with, when you do spellwork. I feel that the less people know about what you’re doing in that aspect, the better protected your work is (I also believe that spellwork, like Christian payer, is a private conversation between you and your God/Gods).

Now, I’ve heard some that would argue that if a Witch is strong enough, there is no danger to their workings, and perhaps this is true, but I don’t like leaving things to chance.

I feel that as I walk this left-hand path between the worlds, that it is my responsibility to not only affect change in this world, but to protect those efforts from those who would do me harm or attempt to negate my efforts through a lack of understanding, that by “Keeping Silent”, I am protecting myself and the energies of my work.

What are your thoughts on “To Know, To Will, To Dare, To Keep Silent”?


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