Sunday Dump ~ What it is

Back in the day, when I had a different blog and fancied myself a “Mom Blogger”, I participated in a weekly Blog Hop called SOC Sunday, or Stream of Consciousness Sunday. This hop was hosted by a mom blogger I greatly admired named Fadra Nally. She still blogs over here. If you like mom blogs, go check her out.

I have since fallen out of the mom blog niche and consider myself more of either a pagan blogger or lifestyle blogger. The circles I travel in now are quite different than they were then.

As I was making the transition from one niche to the other, I noticed my Sunday interactions were dropping. A lot of the bloggers who participated in the hop were obviously Christian, which didn’t bother me, but it did seem to effect their willingness to comment on my blog, so I stopped doing it.

The thing is, I still think the concept is fabulous.

The original idea was to set a timer for, I think it was 15 minutes, and just write whatever came to mind. No editing, no spell check. Just write it and hit publish.

I watched this concept grow into what felt like therapy for many bloggers. People wrote about their kids, their jobs, their relationships, their hopes, dreams and fears. Everything you can think of. You could see some bloggers come to life in that 15 minutes when everyone let their guard down.

Honestly, that one blog hop, and
a handful of amazing bloggers were the only things I really missed about being a mom blogger.

So, I’ve decided I’m going to start doing something similar here. I wanted to give Fadra her due credit for being the origin of this idea (at least she was the only blogger I knew at the time who was doing it), and this post represents that.

For me, I’m going to change up the rules a little since I won’t be linking in to Fadra’s hop (I think she still does it) anymore. I’m going to call it the Sunday Dump since I don’t want to step on anyone’s “intellectual property” toes, and the first one will be posted tomorrow. I’m also removing the timer since I struggled with feeling like I didn’t always finish my train of thought.

Fadra, that I know of, never really picked a topic and I think I’m going to try to do that.

I’m not going to call it a hop, at least, not until I see if there is an interest in doing it from anyone else. If there is, then I might make a button or something for it and go from there.

For now, if you’d like to participate, pick your own topic (or get inspired from mine), write, unfiltered and unedited and hit publish then put a link to the post in the comments section along with any feedback you’d like to offer on mine. I promise I’ll come read it and comment on it.

All I ask is that if you do decide to link up, make sure you visit other blogs that have also linked up, if any, and show them some love so that everyone gets some traffic from it and to give me a link-back somewhere in your post.

I’m going to make a tag tab for my Sunday Dump posts at the top of the page so they’ll be easy to find, including this one.

If you do decide to participate, I hope you come to enjoy and benefit from it as much as I do.



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