Perfect Waning Moon De-Stressor Spell

Who couldn’t use a little less stress in their life? A basic spell that can be elaborated on if you wish.

The Hedge Witch


What you need:
– a black candle dressed in your choice of either herbs, oils, carvings or absolutely nothing.
– a piece of paper and pen.
– a cauldron or fire safe container. Mine has sand in the bottom of it.
– an athame (optional) if you don’t have one you may use a butter/steak knife, a stick, a spoon, your finger…etc.

What you do:
– charge candle with the intention of ridding your body of stresses and pains.
– if your path requires a circle then you may conjure one and call the quarters for extra power. This too is optional. However you raise power, do that now.
– write your stresses on a piece of paper and visualize your stresses disappearing into the ink coming out of your pen.
– when ready ask air to rid them from your mind and earth to rid them from your body.

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