Gearing up

Some days, I don’t feel like there’s enough coffee in the world to jump-start my day. Today is such a day.

I’m chugging it down though because I’m seeing Tiger this morning and I haven’t seen her in almost a week.

That’s right, we finally moved into a place of our own just over a week ago.

While it’s been great in so many ways, it’s also been an adjustment and a flurry of things to get done. Tiger has been busy, too, so we haven’t seen each other since last weekend.

I decided to take a little break from blogging while we settled in, so in my spare time (which hasn’t been much until yesterday) I decided to dive a little deeper into the Google+ community. Facebook has become somewhere I don’t like to be, so I’ve pretty much walked away from that, but that’s another post.

The only down-side to G+ is that while there is a thriving Pagan community there, it’s mostly Vloggers. I’ve never been comfortable vlogging. I have been running around watching theirs though (and commenting, although I think the more usual way for them is to do VR’s, or Video Responses) and I’m glad I did. I’ve met some incredible people over there.

In other news, my fur-baby, Duchess, has been a little under the weather. She’s a pug and the day we moved, she was playing on the porch with one of her fur-cousins. I think she breathed in a piece of fuzz or tiny piece of fabric. She’s had sinus issues off and on since.

She’s not alone. The weather finally seems to be trying to change here and as always, my chronic rhinitis is rearing it’s ugly head.

I can’t take regular allergy pills for it (like Benadryl) because I have to take those if I get bitten or stung (I’m allergic to everything that bites or stings, it seems) and I’m out of my regular medication and keep forgetting to pick some up. The shit isn’t cheap, either, not if I want something that actually works anyway.

So, that’s an update on me. Where I’ve been and where I am on social media if you want to find me. Hope you’ve had a wonderful week and have a Blessed weekend!




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