In the night

I lie in the darkness listening to the sounds of the night around me.  My head spins with thoughts, fears, possibilities and solutions.  I reach for you, but you feel so far away even though I lie close enough to feel the warmth of your body beside mine.  Confusion rules my over-crowded mind.

There was a time when reaching for you was easy.  What happened?  Where did we go?

My love still burns in my chest but now I can feel it seeping into the back of my throat where it joins the flames of un-shed tears. 

Is it possible to choke on love?

My heart aches for your touch as I listen to the sounds of your slumber.  I long for the peace of sleep, but there seems no peace for me.  Even as I feel my mind begin to float free of my body, the dreams begin.  Trapped in darkness, running from things unseen, dodging hands I can feel reaching for me as I flee into the night.  Even the moon has turned her face from me as I fly alone through the forest of my fears.



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