You’re doing that without a net!

The last few months, we’ve been staying with family.  They are Christian, but they are both very open-minded and supportive of what we are.  Even so, I have tried to refrain, as best I can, from doing any “real” practice while I was here.

Occasionally though, necessity dictates otherwise and I’ve found myself having to do some things without the comfort of my altar and tools, which are presently packed away where we are relocating from.

It’s been a long time since I did any kind of work without tools.  I have found the need to remind myself that I am the greatest tool in my toolbox and that all the others, while often comforting to have, are notCandle Colors necessary.

It really can take on the feeling of walking a tight-rope without the benefit of a net when it’s something you’re completely unused to doing.

I did find that it required more focus than when I was using my tools.  More effort at holding the focus of my intent in my mind.

Although I really do miss my tools and am anxious to get a place where I can bring them home and have them with me again, I found that the need to work without them reminded me of my roots, of where all this comes from, the well I draw on in order to manifest what I do.

Seeing the outcome of the work I did strengthened my faith in my Craft and in myself.  It gave me a sense of “if I can do all that without an altar or a single tool, then there’s nothing I shouldn’t be able to accomplish when I’m in my comfort zone”.

I have to admit, my mother, who was in the broom closet her entire life, never had one single tool.  I never saw anything in her house or in her things after her passing that even faintly resembled a tool, but the woman was good.  I mean really good.  No one but me ever seemed to suspect a thing, including her own husband.

I guess it just goes to show, tools really are just that, tools.  It is us who do the real work.  We who bring about change in our worlds.  Tools are just that.  Tools to make the job easier.

Have you ever found yourself forced to work outside your comfort zone in some way.  What was the experience like for you?

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  1. The only magic(k) I have done without tools is to change the deadline of assignments back in middle school. I never understood why I could do it at the time. It was also fascinating how long an assignment could be delayed, and how quickly it could be. My friend at the time was annoyed “I always got what I wanted.” Best wishes on your path!

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    • Thank you so much, my dear! I remember doing a little of that sort of thing in school. I didn’t really realize then what I was (it was a taboo topic being raised in a Christian family) or what I was really doing either.

      I can’t say it was an altogether comfortable experience, but I’m glad to know that if the need arises, I’m up to the challenge!


      • I think that sometimes we’re given challenges in life that we may or may not be able to deal with. I think if everyone could handle everything life throws at them that the suicide rate would either be much lower or non-existent. I do think that some are better at dealing with everything than others, but either way it’s hard.

        What are your thoughts on it?


      • I think we all have the potential to overcome anything, but sometimes we idle creating karmic debt.

        Lately I’ve been debating if once we fulfill our purpose we die. Sometimes dying is to impact another. But if many die young it must correlate with fulfilling destiny. But those that idle, and don’t fulfill everything live long (May have many health problems due to being spiritually ill) until they are needed to impact another through death, or time runs out and creates a karmic debt. Even animals could be apart of this.

        It might be missing something, because that is true about suicide. Maybe you could put this together better than I can?


      • I had to go brush-up on the concept of karmic debt and there are several ways of seeing it. One being that each incarnation creates its own system of karmic debt within each life, another being that we repay karmic debt from the previous life in this one.

        Following those lines of thinking, the decision to end a life could be seen in several ways.

        One, it could be a result of karmic debt from a previous incarnation, another being that it could be the inability to balance the karma in this one.

        If a person is unable to balance karma in either way, I think it could possibly create the kind of imbalance and stress in the soul that becomes overwhelming and creates the “I can’t deal with this anymore” mindset.

        Considering I, myself, have struggled with thoughts of suicide in the past, it’s an idea worth meditating on. If it is a result of karmic debt and imbalances, it would certainly shed some light on the topic and honestly, I felt like thinking along those lines created a kind of “aha” moment.


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