Robin Williams

I just heard the news tonight of Robin Williams death and I’m shocked and saddened by this loss.

I fell in love with him on Mork & Mindy in the 80’s when I was a child still watching a floor-model TV while sitting cross-legged in the living room floor. I’m pretty sure I’ve seen every episode.

My love for him grew as I became an adult and his career skyrocketed with stand-up, movie roles and eventually “voice roles”.

I came to understand the “man behind the funny” as I learned of his battle with drug and alcohol addiction as I fought my own war with both.

His roles have made me laugh, made me cry and sometimes spoke to me on a whole other level, such as his role in “What Dreams May Come”.

While I can’t claim (unfortunately) to have ever met the man personally, I feel, as I’m sure much of the world does, as if I knew him through the way his roles touched my life. At once strong and venerable. Funny and serious.

I admired his candor in his stand-up, but I most admired his ability to make others laugh in spite of his own pain and struggles.

I’ve read interview after interview from those who have worked with him and the resounding theme is he was never “off”. Even when he wasn’t acting, he was in the sidelines bringing joy to others.

I know the whispers of depression and suicide will abound in the media. As a person who has fought that battle personally all my life, I can only say you don’t really understand how hard that can be unless you’ve lived it.

What I choose to focus on and remember is the man that made millions laugh while fighting wars he tried to keep private. The man that very often brought laughter to my own life at times when things often seemed so dark.

For me, I will miss Robin Williams and the light he brought into my darkness.


** I am not a celebrity blogger, nor do I desire to be one, but I am a life blogger and this was something that touched my life.


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